My name is Evaldas Gulbinas. I currently live in London, UK. I've started Art Schools when I was 13. I have graduated from my first art school, National M. K. Ciurlionis School of Art in Vilnius, Lithuania. I've practiced a lot in various art disciplines and made fine arts a way to evolve . Later I moved to London, UK. Then, I started tattooing and joined Art and Design College. I have worked through different tattoo studios. I have been active in various art galleries, and while doing so, I finished a BA in Fine Arts and Mixed Media from the University of Westminster, London, UK. At present, I am exploring my skills and making the most in gaining experience through different art media. As an artist, I have considered the relationship between art, craft, and tattooing, which has become a part of my daily life now as I spend a major share of my time in creating these art forms. I often analyse my experience, and based on that I focus more on creativity and materials to use in creating such beautiful work. I have found a relationship between material and ideas. I like to explore more of art through life.
My passion as an artist, is, to communicate the message through various art forms. I enjoy all the new ideas which come from within and love to give them a visual form. I like to create a bodywork with a great aesthetic view. I often express my language through art. I make sculptures, paintings, drawings, digital media, multimedia, mixed media, installations, and tattoos. I have a passion for detailed work and non-figurative objects. I am also interested in anime and cartoon pictures. I often like to break my own boundaries by creating beautiful artwork. I have passions for city life, people and nature; which all replicate through my work. I like working through various media so that I get to explore a whole new world. I enjoy creating tattoos as it helps me to communicate with people, helps to pay attention to details, and improves my drawing skills. All these aspects are important to create an artwork which is not only appealing visually but is also meaningful.
I work with mixed media projects, which includes lights and sculptures. Light is a very interesting subject as well as an object. It works very well with space and also helps in creating illusions in a beautiful way. Light can attract more attention, plays with the moods of people and also makes things more attractive and appealing. While creating art, I literally go to "another world" or "my world" which is away from reality. I've been working with different materials and mediums such as clay, digital drawing, polystyrene, wood, sculpture, installations, paintings, skin, and mural paintings. I create objects, which are visually appealing at the same time meaningful. I've improved my visual language by making artworks. At the moment, I have made art the basic language to express and communicate with people.